Pledge to Be Porn-Free

Embrace a commitment that transcends the ordinary—a pledge to be Pornography Free. In a world where pornography can destroy relationships, this promise is a heartfelt declaration of love, respect, and dedication to your closest relationships. Whether you're embarking on the path to becoming porn-free or reinforcing your existing dedication, this pledge is a powerful and unique commitment that will foster lasting connection and intimacy. Sign the pledge today, to start a meaningful milestone for you and your relationships.

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What are the benefits of signing the pledge?

FREE Printable- Priceless Gift

Grab this free printable pledge certificate, a unique yet priceless token of your commitment that's worth more than any store-bought gift. It's a fun and heartfelt way to show your loved ones that you are committed to a future of shared trust and deeper bonds.

FREE Recovery Resources

When you sign the pledge, we’ll equip you with complimentary resources to support recovery, should you or a loved one need guidance on this journey. We understand committing to change can be scary! It’s our way of standing beside you, providing the tools and support for a successful transition to a porn-free life.

Help for Healing Your Relationship

Has your relationship been tarnished by pornography? Sign the pledge, and we'll send you a nurturing resource designed to heal and fortify your marriage in the aftermath of porn's impact. It's a step towards mending the bonds and rediscovering the trust and intimacy you deserve.

70% of

Divorce Filings Involve Pornography

Average of first exposure in children is 11

1 in 5 mobile searches are for porn

88% of scenes in porn contain acts of violence

At the Council on Pornography Reform (CPR), our mission is to promote a safer and more responsible digital landscape by advocating for comprehensive reforms in the realm of explicit adult content. We are dedicated to safeguarding individuals, particularly minors, from the potential harms associated with unrestricted access to explicit material.

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